Dear DOST owner

We thank you for choosing DOST – the right business partner for you. As our assurance of product quality and to deliver a tension-free ownership experience, your new DOST comes with an original warranty of 12 months/50,000 kms.

To further extend your joyful ownership of DOST, we are pleased to introduce the Ashok Leyland “BHAROSA” – Extended Warranty Programme. Under this programme, the warranty on your DOST can be extended by an additional 12 months/50,000 kms or 24 months/1,00,000 kms (whichever occurs earlier). You can purchase the Extended Warranty policy any time before expiry of the original warranty on your DOST.

Designed to safeguard you against unexpected expenses upto a total duration of 3 years/1.5 lakh kms of ownership, the BHAROSA Extended Warranty Programme covers all major parts and systems of your DOST for any cost of repair arising due to manufacturing defect.


  1. Comprehensive Cover : Comprehensive coverage of your DOST, including critical mechanical and electrical parts like engine, gearbox, rear axle, suspension, steering, AC system, braking system etc., to ensure that you are protected against unexpected expenses arising out of manufacturing defects.
  2. Better Resale Value : Good quality maintenance of your DOST with use of Genuine Parts and transferable warranty policy ensures that your DOST will fetch a higher resale value in the future as compared to a vehicle which is not maintained properly.
  3. All India Coverage : Similar to original warranty, you can avail service for your DOST even for Extended Warranty repairs at any of the Ashok Leyland authorised Light Vehicles service centers in the country.
  4. Cashless Settlement : No need to pay for parts or labour costs towards repair done under Extended Warranty claim. Just bring your DOST and walk away with repairs done with Genuine Parts by well-trained technical staff at the Ashok Leyland authorised Light Vehicles service centers.
  5. 24×7 Emergency Services : Assurance of 24 hours, 7 days a week Emergency Roadside Assistance service anywhere in the country (within 50 kms radius of nearest Ashok Leyland authorised Light Vehicles service center).

The price of the 2 Extended Warranty options, based on the gap between Date of Sale and Date of Purchase of EW, is as per the table below:

Extended Warranty for 1 year /
50,000 Kms after OE Warranty
Product Sold Between
0-60 days 61-180 days 181-270 days 271-365 days
Product Sale Price to Customer 5094 5777 6239 6738
Extended Warranty for 2 year /
1,00,000 Kms after OE Warranty
Product Sold Between
0-60 days 61-180 days 181-270 days 271-365 days
Product Sale Price to Customer 9324 10053 10857 11726

Maintenance Tips

  1. Never use any other non-branded lubricants, since, it could damage the vehicle’s system. Engine coolant is poisonous.
  2. Oil level should be checked DAILY. Operating with insufficient amount of oil can damage the engine and such damage is not covered by the warranty.
  3. Do not crank the engine for more than 15 seconds at a time. If the engine does not start, wait 30 seconds and remove the key before cranking again.
  4. Let your engine stay idle for about a minute before starting to drive. Also let it be idle before switching it off.
  5. Do not race the engine while warming it up.
  6. Keep your engine tuned up. Malfunctions in the fuel injection or electrical systems can cause over-rich fuel flow into the engine, causing it to overheat.
  7. Do not continue driving if the belt is loose, broken or missing. This may cause severe hardening of brake pedal and continuous battery discharging.
  8. Avoid driving with an extremely low fuel level. Running out of fuel could cause the vehicle to not start due to air lock, or engine to misfire or damage the catalytic converter.
  9. Do not remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot. Otherwise, there is a danger of being burned by the coolant, which is likely to erupt from the radiator.
  10. Use only recommended oil, diesel and air-filters for engine system. Replace them at recommended intervals and at authorized dealers only.
  11. Avail your free services at the authorized dealers within the stipulated time.
  12. Always use genuine spare parts in your vehicle and get them installed at our authorized dealers by trained mechanics.
  13. Don’t carry out any unnecessary modification to chassis frame. This weakens it.
  14. Also do not carry out any addition of leaf springs. This may void your warranty.
  15. Maintain correct tyre pressure to ensure better tyre life.
  16. Always fill fuel from reliable fuel station only and use the appropriate BSIII or BSIV fuels for your vehicle.


Service-At-Site is a new concept of introducing Service at Customer’s door steps.

To book a Service-at-Site appointment, please call us at our Toll-free no.1800 1022 666.

  1. Free/Paid Service and minor repairs are available at Customer’s door steps
  2. Customized solutions resulting in customer delight and trust
  3. Convenience of not coming to workshop; saving customer’s travel time & cost

Dost SAS van has been fully equipped with standard tools & fitments. The services that can be done at a customer’s site are as follows:

  1. Periodic Maintenance Services
  2. Break-down Assistance Services
  3. Towing
  4. Engine Diagnostics
  5. Tyre Rotation
  6. Horn Replacement
  7. Bulb Replacement
  8. ECU/FIP/CR Replacement
  9. Shock Absorber Renewal
  10. Renew Relay/Combination Switch
  11. Renew Instrument Cluster
  12. Door Lock Renew

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